Information on Ballot Question A for the Town of Westcliffe:

The Town of Westcliffe is asking voters to consider a sales tax increase from 2% to 3% through 2024 to provide adequate funding to complete projects in our Capital Improvements Plan for Westcliffe. You will find a full description of these projects below. This plan includes new construction and repairs to streets, sidewalks, curbs and gutters, alleyways, parks, town-owned equipment and other improvements in the town.

2020-Proposed Capital Improvements:

  • Replace tennis court (depending on GOCO grant)
  • Chip seal 16 blocks (5600 ft) of roadway
  • Parking lot at Memorial Park & drainage
  • Re-surface alleys in commercial district
  • Tree boxes /trees, south side of main 200 block
  • New lids for trash cans on main st
  • New trash cans in parks
  • Snow removal equipment
  • Hot mix asphalt recycler

2021-Proposed Capital Improvements:

  • 4th street north of Main St (curb and gutter, paving, parking)
  • Chip seal 16 blocks (5600 ft) of roadway
  • Surface parking lot at Hermit Park
  • Hermit park restroom
  • Nature park and trails at north bluff parking lot
  • Chip seal and drainage on Hermit Rd east of Hermit Lane.

2022-Proposed Capital Improvements:

  • 3rd Street - Main to Rosita (paving, sidewalk, ramps and curb & gutter) (TAP grant)
  • Rosita - 2nd to Adams. Adams to Main (patch, sidewalk, curb & gutter, ramps) (TAP grant)
  • 2nd Street - Rosita to Edwards. (drainage, patch, sidewalk, curb and gutter, ramps) (TAP grant)
  • Chip seal 16 blocks (5600 ft) of roadway
  • Parking around Memorial Park


Click here to read a copy of the full ordinance.

This webpage is meant to be a guide to answer all questions you may have regarding the upcoming election. Should you have questions that you do not find the answers to on this page, please email townclerk@townofwestcliffe.comso that we can help answer your question and possibly add it to this page. The mayor, board and town staff appreciate your consideration on this project so we can continue providing the services you deserve as residents and business owners in Westcliffe, Colorado.


Ballot A Open House:

Thank you to all those that attended our open house on January 28th at Town Hall. If you were unable to attend and have further questions, please call or email us.


Summary: The Town of Westcliffe needs funding to address and fix roads, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, alleyways, parks and other items.

Q: What is different since the November election?

A: The Board of Trustees decided to put this measure back on the ballot in April 2020 as a sunset tax, ending December 31, 2024.  If the voters approve Ballot Issue A, the Town Board of Trustees and staff will have 4 years to demonstrate that we will be spending this additional revenue prudently and for the benefit of the residents.

Westcliffe voters will have the opportunity to vote in April 2024 on extending the tax increase beyond 2024. We believe the need will be ongoing, but we respect our citizen's rights to vote on tax measures as they are necessary.

Q: What is Ballot Question A?

A: It is a ballot question for the April 7, 2020 election asking voters of Westcliffe to consider a sales tax increase from 2% to 3% for a period of four and a half years. This tax will sunset December 31, 2024. The additional revenue will fund necessary Capital Improvement Projects. All revenues generated from the tax increase must go towards Capital Improvements.

Q: What will the funding cover?

A:  The Town of Westcliffe needs the funding to complete Capital Improvement Projects. All proposed projects can be found on our website but main projects included are the construction and repair of streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, alleyways, parks, equipment and other items.

Q: Why the need for capital reserves?

A; The Town has a Capital Reserve for two basic reasons, one for emergencies and the second reason for grant matching funds.  The Town of Westcliffe has earned multiple grants over the years from agencies like Colorado Department of Transportation, Greater Colorado Outdoors of Colorado & Department of Local Affairs. These granting agencies request matching funds to be available for large projects.

Q: What will it cost me?

A: On average, the cost to residents will be approximately $3.12 per month.

Q: Who else does it impact?

A: Increasing the sales tax doesn’t just impact our residents but our visitors as well. As visitors will use the town’s roads and infrastructure, the board and staff believe it is fair for them to pay the additional tax as well.

Q: What is the timeline?

A: The election is April 7, 2020. Ballots will be mailed March 16th,2020. If Ballot Question A passes, the tax increase will become effective July 2020, however, Capital Improvement projects will begin immediately after the election.  Priorities will be re-surfacing 1 mile of roadway and the parking area at Memorial Park, and improving drainage and re-surfacing some alleys in the commercial district.

Q: I have further questions. Who can I talk to?

A: The board of trustees and town staff are committed to transparent and active communication and we’d love the opportunity to talk to you about this or any other questions you have. Please call Westcliffe Town Hall at 719-783-2282 and we will help direct your call to the right person.

Q: Are there ways I can help share this information?

A: Absolutely! As you know, our town is filled with caring people that want what is best for the community. We highly encourage conversation on this topic and many others. Feel free to share this webpage with friends, share items we post on our Facebook page, stop by town hall for materials or you can even invite us to any local meetings so we can have a great conversation with you.

Q: Bottom line- will the town continue to be responsible with the money it is given?

A: “Most of our staff are residents here as well. We care about how money is spent and that we do all we can to avoid tax increases. However, there are times when investment in the community is necessary and we are in one of those times now. I do promise the citizens that our staff will continue to be conservative in our approach to finances and continue to make strong financial decisions to serve the residents and businesses of our great town.” Town Manager Mike Carter

“It’s difficult to ask citizens to spend more of their hard-earned money on increased tax. The Board of Trustees would not be asking for your approval if it wasn’t in the best interest of our town. We have roads left to pave, roads and sidewalks needing repair, and other projects that fall under providing you with the best government service possible." Mayor Paul Wenke

Q: What if it doesn’t pass?

A: If the sales tax initiative does not pass, the Town of Westcliffe will not be able to maintain the roads at the standard citizens should expect. We would also lose the $1,073,000 grant that the town is currently applying for.