Town of Silverton Liquor License Authority Rules and Procedures

The Town of Silverton Board of Trustees will hold a public hearing in the coming weeks in the second floor meeting room at the Town Hall... 1360 Greene Street, to receive public comment and render a decision regarding proposed Town of Silverton Liquor Licensing Authority Rules and Procedure. A full copy of the Town of Silverton Liquor License Proposed Rules are attached or available for review at the Office of the Municipal Clerk in Town Hall, 1360 Greene Street, from 9am to 4pm weekdays. NOTICE is further given that all persons may appear and present oral and/or provide written testimony regarding these rules prior to or at the public hearing.  Interested persons may, in lieu of public appearance, submit written testimony to the Office of the Municipal Clerk at the Town Hall, 1360 Greene Street or by mail at P.O. Box 250 Silverton, CO 81433; for questions and/or information, call 970-387-5522 ext. 0.  A date for the public hearing will be announced in the coming weeks.