Employment & RFP's

Town and County Planning Director

Town of Silverton and San Juan County, Colorado


The Town of Silverton and San Juan County seeks a highly motivated professional to fill the position of Town and County Planning Director.  The Town and County share planning services equally and the selected applicant will split his or her time more or less equally between the respective governments.

Silverton is a remote, high-alpine, resort destination nestled in the San Juan Mountains with a year-round population of fewer than seven hundred people, a substantially larger summer population, and over 200,000 tourists and visitors per year.  Silverton is the only municipality in San Juan County, which consists of more than 87% public land.

The ideal candidate will possess the following characteristics:

  • Organized, energetic, collaborative and enthusiastic about helping the community discover and achieve its goals.
  • Ability to see the big picture and generate creative ideas and approaches, while being able to focus on the details zoning regulations, land use permits and other legal documents.
  • Possess excellent oral and written communication skills including making presentations at public meetings and writing concise staff reports.
  • Ability to facilitate relationships with officials, developers, landowners and citizens.
  • Skillful in negotiations and problem solving.
  • Capable of reviewing land use applications and writing concise analysis in the form of staff reports.
  • A minimum of 2 years of professional local government planning experience and AICP Certification.

The successful candidate must have the following:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in planning, geography, public administration or related field. 
  • General computer skills and abilities, including word processing, spreadsheet and planning specific software.
  • Ability to write and administer State and Federal grants.
  • Ability to work efficiently and effectively, with elected and appointed officials, other staff and the general public.
  • A Colorado driver’s license with acceptable driving record.
  • Ability to drive backcountry 4-wheel drive roads and be able to access all properties located within San Juan County including remote sites without vehicular access above 11,000 feet in elevation.
  • Ability to access, transport, file and retrieve records and documents as filed in the Town and County’s vaults, filing cabinets, storage facilities and computers.
  • Ability to lift and move up to 25 pounds.


·              Director of Planning: Has general charge of and responsibility for the Planning Department and supervising the building official and code enforcement officials.  Chief Planning Counsel for the Town Board, County Commissioners, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment, and Historic Review Committee.

·              Comprehensive Planning: Responsible for organizing, administering, and implementing an effective comprehensive planning program designed to meet the needs of the community.  Works with the San Juan Regional Planning Commission to provide staff support and input on planning activities, including regulatory procedures, having a direct impact on the Town and/or its surrounding environs.  Formulates land use regulations necessary for the effective implementation of adopted plans.

·               Land Use Regulation: Administers land use, zoning, and hazard reduction regulations in accordance with adopted regulations.  Oversees the issuance of Land Use and Improvement Permits to assure compliance with adopted land use regulations and procedures.  Advises and serves as secretary to the Zoning Board of Adjustment.

·               Grant and Contract Administration:  Applies for and administers a variety of grant-funded projects.  Releases RFPs and solicits contractors for various projects and activities.  Coordinates with treasurer and administrator to ensure ongoing contract compliance.

·               Other Duties and Responsibilities: Carries out a wide variety of other duties and responsibilities as assigned or necessary for the proper conduct of Town and County business and the proper operation of the Planning Department.


Salary commensurate with experience; targeted salary range for this position is $43,000 to $56,000.


Please submit a resume, letter of intent, salary history, three references by the close of business on March 29, 2019.  Applications only accepted by email to mhamilton@silverton.co.us .  Please attach a single PDF file (preferred), word or open office document with all requested information.  For additional information contact Michelle Hamilton, Acting Town Administrator at 970-387-5522 or William Tookey County Administrator @ 970-387-5766

Town Administrator for the Town of Silverton



P.O. BOX 250


(970) 387-5522

Applications should be received by 5:00 PM MST on MARCH 15, 2019.

Applications will be accepted via email at mhamilton@silverton.co.us

Or delivered to:

Silverton Town Hall

Mayor Christine M. Tookey

1360 Greene Street, PO Box 250

Silverton, CO 81433

Town Administrator Position Announcement

I. Introduction


The Town of Silverton, Colorado, (the “Town”) is seeking the services of a Town Administrator to fulfill the duties and responsibilities described in this announcement.  Applications for the Town Administrator position will be received until 5:00 p.m. March 15, 2019, at Town Hall, P.O. Box 250 (1360 Greene Street), Silverton, CO 81433 or mhamilton@silverton.co.us

Late applications will not be accepted. Sole responsibility rests with the applicant to see that their application is received on time.

The Town reserves the right to reject all applications, or to reject any applications in part or in whole, and to award the position to the most responsive and responsible candidate as deemed in the best interest of the Town.

II. Inquiries and Corrections

Any questions or clarifications should be directed to:

Christine M. Tookey                                      


Town of Silverton                                          

1360 Greene Street                                        

Silverton, CO 80543                                      


III. Submission Date, Location, and Opening

The Town of Silverton must receive all applications prior to 5:00 p.m. March 15, 2019.  The Town requests that applications be submitted to mhamilton@silverton.co.us or Silverton Town Hall P.O. Box 250 Silverton, CO 81433.  

IV. Evaluation of Applications

Applications will be reviewed by the Town Board of Trustees and a separate Initial Review Panel. The Initial Review Panel will present recommendations for finalists to the Board of Trustees, who will make the final determination and schedule interviews. 

V. Community Background

The Town of Silverton serves a population of about 665. The Town was established as a Statutory Town in 1874.  The Town has an elected Mayor and a six member Board of Trustees.  The Mayor serves as chair of the Town Board meetings and the Board takes action on contractual, legal and legislative issues impacting the community. 

The Town provides services in the following areas:

Municipal Court

Code Enforcement

Planning and Zoning

Administration and Finance

Parks and Facilities Maintenance

Community Relations

Public Works

Water/Sewer/Refuse Utilities

Under administrative direction of the Mayor and Board of Trustees, the Town Administrator serves as the Chief Administrative Officer responsible for the analysis, development, implementation and coordination of all Town policies and programs; directs the activities of the departments, and assures compliance of all department activities with community goals; provides highly responsible and complex administrative support to the Town Trustees and carries out all responsibilities and exercise authority within the Town’s values and culture.

VIII. Submittal Requirements

The following items should be addressed in a submitted application packet, including letter of interest, resume or CV, and references:

  1. Describe your experience with public policy and procedure, municipal finance, human resources, and any other areas you believe are relevant to the Town.   
  2. Provide a list of the specific towns or cities you have worked with as a Town Administrator in the past five years or other relevant experience.  .        
  3. Describe any knowledge or experience that makes you particularly qualified to fulfill the Town Administrator duties. 
  4. Please provide a minimum of three letters of recommendation.  
  5. Describe your philosophy for working as a public servant, building relationships in small communities, and managing diverse interests in a small town.
  6. Please respond to whether you have ever been terminated for cause, subject to an internal investigation, faced a felony charge, been convicted of a misdemeanor or filed for bankruptcy protection, and explain the circumstances involving any such event.

Submittal of an application shall be taken as prima fascia evidence that the proposing candidate has full knowledge of the scope, nature, quality, and quantity of the work to be performed, and the detailed requirements and conditions under which the work is to be performed.

IX. Qualifications

Any candidate hired by the Town as Town Administrator must meet the following minimum requirements:

Bachelor’s or advanced degree in political science, public administration, business administration, planning, or a related field plus four years work experience in local government administration or related field.

 Computer skills and abilities, including data input and output, word processing, and      spread sheet work.

 Organizational skills and knowledge necessary to provide for the proper public administration of Town government; to prioritize and accomplish Town business affairs; and to organize and administer various government programs, projects, and activities.

 Ability to work efficiently, effectively, and responsibly with elected/appointed officials, employees, and the general public. Comfortable serving in a leadership role.

 Ability to access, transport, file, and retrieve Town records and documents as filed in the Town’s vault, filing cabinets, storage facilities, and computers.

X. Scope of Services

The following statements are illustrative of the essential functions of the job and are not intended to be all inclusive.  

Chief Administrative Officer to the Board of Trustees: works directly with the Board of Trustees and the Standing Committees of the Board to advise on various business matters before the Town; receives instruction and accomplishes tasks assigned by the Board.

Chief Administrative Officer of the Town: administers the various programs, activities, and operations of the Town; responsible for the overall administration and conduct of Town Hall business.

Grantsmanship: gain knowledge of, remain informed on, and advise the Town Board on the status and availability of federal, state, and private foundation grants and assistance programs; author, apply for, and administer various grants as directed by the Board of Trustees.

Community and Economic Development: provide professional services in relation to community planning and development, economic development, and capital improvements planning; authors and administers various grants as directed by the Board of Trustees.

 Contract Administration: Oversee the advertising, selection, contracting and administration of contracts executed by the Board of Trustees, including any grant contracts.

 Personnel Administration: helps facilitate communications and coordination between the various departments, offices, and personnel of the Town; responsible for the overall administration of personnel pursuant to adopted policies and procedures.

 Annual Budget: act as Budget Officer in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Budget Law of Colorado; work with the Board of Trustees to evaluate and finalize the annual budget for the Silverton Town government.

Risk Management:  act as the Safety Coordinator as directed by resolution of the Board of Trustees; receive, investigate, and process all insurance claims; oversee the expenditure of all insurance funds paid to the Town; oversee the preparation and submittal of the annual applications for Property and Casualty Insurance coverage and for Workmen’s Compensation Insurance coverage.

Code Amendment and Enforcement: drafts amendments to the Town Code; oversees the enforcement of Town ordinances and regulations; advises Town employees relative to Code enforcement and the application of Code provisions.

 Town-County Cooperation and Communications: act as a liaison for the Town Board in establishing and maintaining communications, cooperation, and coordination of efforts between the Town and the County.

 Other Duties and Responsibilities: carries out other duties as assigned or as necessary for the proper conduct of Town government.

XI. Selection Process

The following is a tentative timeline for the selection process.  Dates are subject to change.

5:00 p.m. March 15, 2019 – Deadline for submittal

March 29, 2019 – Town Board will select finalists and set up schedule for interviews

April 12, 2019 – Finalist Meet and Greet

XII. Other Terms and Conditions

  1. The Town reserves the right to undertake its own investigation to evaluate a candidate.  The Town shall have the sole discretion to accept or reject any applicant.   
  2. All applications become the property of the Town upon receipt and will not be returned to the applicants.  Selection or rejection of the applicant’s qualifications will not affect this right. 
  3. The Town operates under the public disclosure laws, as part of normal procedures.  Proprietary information must be identified and will be protected as far as possible. 
  4. Cost of submitting qualifications, attendance at an interview, or any other such costs are entirely the responsibility of the candidate and shall not be reimbursed in any matter by the Town. 
  5. The Town Administrator must live within the Town limits.
  6. The Town of Silverton is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  The policies and procedures of the Town, including hiring, employment, promotion, and job termination practices, are to be applied without regard to any person’s race, religion, creed, color, sex, age, national origin, marital status, or disability, subject to reasonable requirements of the Town as may be permitted by law.  The Town will provide reasonable accommodations as provided for in the Americans with Disabilities Act for applicants and employees with disabilities.
  7. The Town reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify the timing of the process as set forth herein and/or the requirements for an applicant.  Nothing herein shall be construed as an obligation of the Town to hire an Administrator, and the Town may in its sole discretion choose not to hire any applicant and/or re-issue a request for applicants.

XIII. Compensation and Benefits

The Town Administrator position is a Class 6 in accordance with the Town’s Classification and Compensation plan, with a salary range of $64,000 - $108,000 D.O.Q.

Benefits include:

  1. Paid Time Off
  2. Short Term Disability Leave
  3. Emergency Service Leave
  4. Jury Duty Leave
  5. Military Leave
  6. Membership in the Town’s group medical, dental, and life insurance programs; and
  7. Membership in the Town’s 401A retirement program after one year of full time employment.

Town of Silverton Employment Application

The Town of Silverton is an Equal Opportunity Employer.