Presented for consideration was a balanced FY2019 Municipal Budget for the Town of Silverton that was adopted on December 10, 2018. This budget reflects a significant, multi-month effort by each Town department including Public Works, Planning, Building, the Library, Town Administrator and the Town Board members in furtherance of the prudent fiscal management of the Town of Silverton's finances, held and managed by the Town for the benefit of the public trust.

This budget contemplates the productive yet guarded spending of anticipated public revenues in the coming fiscal year.  the ultimate objective in assembling this spending plan was to achieve a number of modest to significant objectives despite challenging economic times and while refraining from any measure of reliance on the Town's operational reserves.  It is of sound estimation that this budget accomplishes such challenging objectives.

Town Administrator/Budget Officer

2016 Town of Silverton Financial Trend Analysis - Prepared and Presented by Jarrod Biggs; Colorado Dept of Local Affairs

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