Sample Ballots For The Upcoming 2019 Coordinated Elections Are In And Here They Are!!!

We Just received the Sample Ballots for the upcoming 2019 Coordinated Election, and we would like to share those with you so that you can get familiar with them in advance. If you live here in Saguache county we will be voting on the state questions Proposition CC, and Propostion DD. The Saguache County ballot is the first one listed below. If you live in Saguache County within the Center City Limits you will receive the Town of Center Ballot listed second below. This ballot contains the the same state questions Proposition CC, and Propostion DD.

Cannabis Oil and Drug Tests

Cannabis oil is a concentrated extract from the cannabis plant. It can be made from pure tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), pure cannabidiol oil (CBD), or a combination of both. While cannabis use is legal in Colorado, employers still have the right to require drug tests and make their own policies about drug usage, including not hiring or firing employees who fail a drug test. This includes medical cannabis use, even for employees with a medical registration card.

Community Listening Circles: Engaging the QTBIPoC/QTPoC/LGBTQI Community Impacted by Violence

SPANlogo.PNGClick below to read a message from Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence regarding the closing of SOL and BSeedz has had on LGBTQI communities, particularly Queer-Trans-Black-Indigenous-People-of-Color (QTBIPoC) and QueerTrans-People-of-Color (QTPoC) and the three separate “Listening Circles” that will be convened in September.