Work Performed Within the Public Right of Way - 12.04

12.04.001 Permits
Permits to perform any specific work within the public rights-of-way in the Town must be obtained in writing by a contractor or his authorized agent on blanks provided for the purpose by the Town manager. No permit is legal until the signature of the Town manager has been affixed to it. No work shall be commenced or be continued unless the permit is posted by or in the possession of the permittee or his agent at the location of the work. The fee, if any, for such permit shall be established by resolution of the Town council.

Article II. Excavating in Street

Article III. Driveways

Article V. Drainage Connections

Article VI. Removal of Trees

Article VII. Sidewalks

Article VIII. Curbs

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Article X. Building Sewers

Article XI. Materials Specifications