Town Manager


Town Manager

At the center of Town operations, the Town Manager is responsible for the execution and implementation of actions and policies developed to meet the Town Council's mission and it's commitment to citizens along in line with core community values.

Under the direction of the Town Council, the Town Manager is the head of operations within the Town.  Ordinances, resolutions, and policies are reviewed in the Town Manager's Office as part of the process required by the Town Council. It is the responsibility of the Town Manager to ensure compliance with any legal and/or legislative directives.

Mission Statement:

The Town Manager's Office sets the standards for the Town organization to provide quality services to the public ensuring that the commitment to citizens and Core Community Values established by the Town Council are met.


  • The Town Manager's Office provides the executive management, leadership, guidance, and support for the Town government guarding the Town’s image and reputation.
  • The office assists the Town Council in the development and translation of policy as determined by the operating programs and actions of the various Town departments.
  • The Town Manager's Office coordinates the activities of the Town, introduces new methods and procedures among the departments, coordinates the exchange of information with Rangely residents, elected officials, employees, and business owners, and apprises the Council and community on operating results.
  • All activities and expectations associated with each of the various Core Community Values performed within the various Town departments are done with the consent and oversight of the Town Manager's Office.

Contact Information:

Email: Lisa Piering, Interium Town Manager

Phone: (970) 675-8476