Signs and Outdoor Advertising Devices - 19.44

19.44.010 Definitions
  1. “Sign” means any structure, poster, banner, flag, emblem, insignia, billboard, trademark, painted surface, or other device used to indicate directions, advertise, announce or attract attention.
  2. “Sign Face” means a sign face is a plane defined by one (1) continuous perimeter enclosing the limits of the sign, and encompassing all lettering, wording, design, or symbols together with any background designed as an integral part of and obviously related to the sign. 
  3. “Sign, Single-Faced” means a sign with one (1) face. The area shall the area of the single face.
  4. “Sign, Double-Faced” means a sign with two (2) faces, mounted back to back. The area shall be the area of largest face or the area of one (1) face if both faces have equal area.
  5. “Sign, Multi-Faced” means a sign with three (3) or more faces. The area shall be the combined area of all faces.
  6. “Sign, Commercial” means a sign, which directs attention to a business, industry, community, service, activity, or product, sold, conducted, manufactured, or offered upon the premises where such sign is located.
  7. “Sign, Directional” means a sign on the premises displayed for the convenience of the public and identifying entrance and exit drives, parking area, one (1) way drives, restrooms, freight entrances, and the like.
  8. “Sign, Identification” means a sign on the premises bearing the name of a school, college, park, church, or other public or quasi-public facility. 
  9. “Sign Trespass” means a sign on the premises or lot restricting the right to enter such premises or lot and indicating the private nature of such premises, lot, or driveway.
  10. “Sign, Outdoor Advertising” means a sign, which directs attention to a business, commodity, service, or activity, which is generally sold, offered, or conducted elsewhere than upon premises where such sign is located.
  11. “Sign, Temporary” means a sign on the premises which is intended to advertise community or civic projects or programs, construction projects, or real estate for sale or lease.
  12. “Sign, Public Purpose” means a non-commercial sign off the premises locating public or education institutions, historical structures or areas, or public parks or buildings.
  13. “Sign, Overhanging” means any sign extending at an angle from a building, which is its sole support.
  14. “Sign, Ground” means any sign supported by uprights or braces, placed upon the ground and not attached to any part of any building.
  15. “Sign, Roof and Sky” means any sign erected, constructed, or maintained upon the roof of any building. 
  16. “Sign, Wall” means any painted sign or poster on any surface or place that may be affixed to the front, rear, or side wall of any building or any sign painted directly on any such wall.
  17. “Sign, Pole” means any sign erected on a pole or poles and that is wholly or partially independent of any building or support.
  18. “Sign, Directly Illuminated” means any sign emitting any artificial light external to and not structurally connected to the sigh which light shall be so shielded that no direct rays from it are visible elsewhere than on the lot where the sign is located.
  19. “Sign, Flashing” means any directly or indirectly illuminated sign on which artificial light is not maintained stationary and constant in intensity and color at all time in use.
  20. “Sign, Moving” means any sign, which has any visible revolving, or rotating parts or any visible mechanical movement of any description, excepting clocks.
  21. “Sign, Structure” means any structure which supports or is capable of supporting any sign. It may be a single pole or may or may not be an integral part of the building.
  22. “Sign, Tourist Oriented Directional” means a sign installed with approval of the Town, by the State Highway Department along State Highways and giving direction to tourist oriented businesses.