Public Nuisances Generally - 4.04

4.04.010 Policy
It is the policy of the Town to declare what is a nuisance and abate and adjoin the same and to impose penalties on persons who may create or continue nuisances or allow separate nuisances to exist. The provisions of this Chapter shall not be construed as an amendment or repeal of any of the offenses defined or referenced in this Chapter or of any other provisions of this Code. The remedies specified in this Chapter shall be in addition to all other remedies contained in this Code and as provided by law. In addition to prosecution in the municipal court for any violation of the provisions of this Code, an action to abate a public nuisance may be brought by the Town manager in the court except that, in accordance with 8.08.050 Public nuisances of Chapter 8.08 Offenses relating to Health of Title 8 Health and Safety, the Town manager may issue an order to abate offenses described in said Chapter, said order subject to appeal to the court as provided therein.