Planned Unit Development - 19.22

19.22.010 Purpose

These planned unit development provisions of Title 19 Zoning are adopted to further the following objectives:

  1. To encourage a more efficient use of land and public or private services and to reflect changes in the technology of land development so that maximum benefits may accrue to the community;
  2. To better relate the type, design, and layout of residential and commercial development to a particular site, while encouraging preservation of the site’s natural characteristics, minimizing adverse visual impacts, promoting energy conservation, and maximizing the preservation of open space;
  3. To integrate residential, commercial, recreational, industrial, and community facilities, so as to provide optimum transportation efficiencies and population distribution and to enhance pedestrian access and movement;
  4. To provide a more flexible mechanism for the development of quality site layouts and superior architectural designs, while granting to the private developer densities higher than those normally allowed under conventional zoning. 19.22.020 State act superseded. Pursuant to the provisions of 24-67-107(1) CRS, 1973, as amended, the “Planned Unit Development Act of 1972” is hereby superseded as of the effective date of this chapter, and the provisions of the chapter shall henceforth govern planned unit development (PUDs) in the Town.