Mobile Home Parks - 17.08

17.08.010 Procedures—Generally
Mobile home parks shall be permitted only in R-2000 and Town Center Commercial Zones, and the procedure for application shall be as provided in Chapter 19.18 Special Review Use Requirement of Title 19 Zoning except that any action of the planning and zoning commission on an application shall be advisory only and the final decision on the application shall be made by the board of trustees. Five (5) votes shall be required to overturn any decisions and recommendations of the commission. In addition to complying with said Chapter 19.18, the applicant shall comply with the provisions of this Chapter 17.08 Mobile Home Parks, specifically Section 17.08.040 Mobile Home Spaces through Section 17.08.160 Signage and with the provisions of the sanitary standards and regulations for mobile home parks of the State Department of Health and Environment adopted October 16,1974, as amended.