Mission Statment


The Town Manager's Office sets the standards for the Town organization to provide quality services to the public ensuring that the commitment to citizens and Core Community Values established by the Town Council are met.


Rangely is a small community located in an area of geologic and ecological beauty on which its character, recreational opportunities, and economy are built. It is a place facing change as the sustainability of the finite natural resource base diminishes and progress alters world priorities.

It is a town that has a strong set of public values that are reflected in its rich history, strong infrastructure base, family values, institutions, and low crime rate. It is a community ready to face change by employing a positive attitude toward growth and natural resource development as long as the qualities of rural life and landscape are not sacrificed. It is a home where visitors can become neighbors and children have the option of a complete education through college; because of, and for these reasons we affirm that:

  • We aspire to have a friendly small-town that is crime and drug-free, that promotes and is a good place to raise healthy families, and is nurturing of these aspects as it changes;
  • We have rich natural resources that have to be properly managed for multiple uses and that must be developed in an environmentally and ecologically sound and sustainable manner;
  • We shall be true to our economic roots and foster an environment conducive to the continued health of these industries while recognizing other diverse economic opportunities are needed to keep the town in a healthy state;
  • We are blessed with available and abundant water resources and will use, protect, and appreciate them responsibly;
  • We require and desire to develop a thriving, sustainable, diverse commercial sector;
  • We possess and must continue to develop our outstanding, accessible health-care system that promotes the well being of all citizens;
  • We will continue to expand our partnerships and gather together to maintain and improve the schools and college as central assets of the community;
  • We need to continue our strong support for educational opportunities and expand the region’s understanding of our exceptional vocational offerings;
  • We shall continue to build on our rich variety of social, historical, cultural, and recreational amenities.