General Provisions - 19.04

19.04.010 Purpose
  1. The purpose of the provisions of Title 19 Zoning and the zoning districts and regulations set forth in it, and as outlined on the zoning map, is to provide for the orderly growth of the Town, to encourage the most appropriate use of land, to protect and conserve the value of property, to prevent the overcrowding of land, and to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the public.
  2. The zoning districts and maps have been made with the consideration of future growth, development, and change in land development according to objectives expressed and mapped in the Rangely master plan, as well as with due consideration of existing development and uses of land in the town.
  3. The regulations and districts contained in Title 19 Zoning thus represent reasonable consideration as to the character of the land and have been made with a view to preserving the existing environment and/or assuring the development of a future environment that realizes the greater possible use and enjoyment of land or individual properties, balanced against the necessary protection of the values of buildings and land and the use and enjoyment of land on adjacent properties, with the object of promoting and protecting the public welfare through the regulation of land use and the process of land development.