Please Note:  A fee of $25.00 for Residential and $50.00 Commercial will be charged for all structures intended for human habitation. Any application that is incomplete will not be accepted.

The State of Colorado, County of Saguache and Town of Moffat have certain requirements, which must be met when constructing buildings intended for human occupancy. The purpose of these requirements is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the occupants and any person who might enter these structures.

Any dwelling in the State of Colorado must be serviced with an adequate sewage disposal system. This may take the form of central Sewage system or an Independent Sewage Disposal System (ISDS). These systems must be permitted and inspected by the County and Town prior to any occupancy.

Wells may only be drilled by State Licensed Contractors. Permits are obtained through the Colorado Division of Water Resources.

In Saguache County any manufactured housing brought into or relocated within the County must meet requirements of the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Act of 1974, 42 USC Section 5401, et, seq., (commonly known as the HUD act) or an equivalent code. Such structures 1976 or older MUST HAVE A HUD NUMBER.

Here you can find the documentation required to obtain Permits and Licenses.

In addition, certain structures may require inspections. Below are numbers you may need to contact:

Kristin Ecklund, Town Clerk  (719) 256-4538

Town Hall Office Hours: Tuesdays 10:00am-12:00pm
Saguache County Land Use (719) 655-2321

Dennis Gardner (719) 589-0565--State Plumbing and Gas Inspector

Rod Paulson (719) 589-3010--State Electrical Inspector
(719) 589-6683--State Water Resources
(303) 249-6622--State Multiple Dwelling Inspector
(303) 866-2033--Colorado Division of Housing
(303) 832-2022--Colorado Manufactured Housing Association                                       

Town of Moffat Construction Permit Procedure

  1. Obtain Application - on this page

  2. Schedule Planning Commission Review with Planning Commission Chair

  3. Schedule to attend Planning Commission Meeting for Review of Permit Application

  4. Schedule Approval from Town Board

  5. Issue Building Permit with Expiration Date/Pay Building Permit Fees.

  6. Proceed with Construction

  7. Final Checklist and Occupancy