Halloween Party for Hagen!

Halloween Party for Hagen!

Saturday October 27 2018 starting at 5pm


Grammy's kitchen and the town of Moffat takes pride in helping those that need it especially our own. Come out and enjoy a special menu, drinks, karaoke, and more!!!!

Come join us all at Grammy's Kitchen to raise funds for a much-needed therapy for Baby Hagen! His parents both graduated from schools in the San Luis Valley. Dad (TEX Mangum) graduated from Moffat high school and was Amanda's best friend. And Mom (Brooke Perrin) graduated from Monte Vista high school and grew up in Center.

Hagen was diagnosed with HIE (Brain damage due to lack of oxygen and blood flow), spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, dystonia (tight muscles), severely delayed swallow, cvi (his vision), hearing problems, infantile spasms, and has a trach because he has an unsafe airway.