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District staff member appointed to Denver Water's Citizens Advisory Committee

Denver Water's Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) is a 10-member volunteer committee that advises Denver Water staff and the Board of Water Commissioners on a variety of issues while encouraging and coordinating public participation in the organization's policy-making process. The committee was created as a result of the 1979 Foothills Agreement that, among other terms of the agreement, required Denver Water to form a citizens group charged with representing public interests in specific categories of stakeholder groups, including one representative from a Denver Water distributor.

Troubleshooting a Higher Than Normal Water Bill

Have you received a higher water bill than usual? In the past few weeks, the District has received an increased number of calls from customers reporting high consumption on their most recent water bill. In several, but not all cases, the increase was a result of a leak that the customer did not realize they had. Here are some ways you can troubleshoot the cause of your higher water bill on your own.

High or Low Water Pressure In Your Home

The normal pressure for your home will depend on its physical relation to the water source supply. If your home is at a higher elevation relative to a water source location, you will have lower pressure. If your home is downhill from a water source, your water pressure will be higher. Average water pressure for a home in our district is about 75 psi, however this will vary depending on your location.

Buy Local, Eat Fresh

While there are many reasons to shop at a farmer’s market, the most obvious reasons are the taste, freshness and variety of flavors and products, but did you know that you are also supporting your community in several ways? Buying locally keeps your dollar in circulation in your community.