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Fall in the Garden

Tips and Tricks to Do Now for Successful Gardening Next Spring

You may be wondering what an article about gardening is doing in our November blog post. Prepping the remnants of a summer garden is just as important for garden success as watering, fertilizing and weeding during the peak growing months.

Bring on the rut!

Battle of the Bulls

The temperatures have dropped and the leaves are starting to show the first signs of changing color. Fall will be here before you know it and that means the rut is on our doorstep.

But what is a rut?

Summer Fun With Fido at the Dog Park

The dog days of summer are here and that means it is time to enjoy more outdoor activities with Fido.

If you are a resident of Estes Park, you may already be familiar with the Estes Valley Dog Park managed by Estes Valley Recreation and Park District.

If you are new to town or visiting Estes Park on vacation, you may be very interested to know that we have a free, off-leash dog park.

Pickleball - Wait, what is that?

There is a new sports craze rising in the shadows of tennis – a sport that has actually been around for more than four decades.

It isn’t badminton. It isn’t racquetball either. And it is not ping pong. Nor is it wiffle ball.

But there are pieces of all five of these sports combined into this one unique, sour-sounding game called pickleball.

Wear Sunscreen

In 1997, a commencement speech given by Kurt Vonnegut, entitled “Wear Sunscreen,” hit the airwaves and motivated people to take inventory of their lives – whether they were 22, 42 or 62.

It started by saying:
     Ladies and gentlemen of the class of ’98: Wear sunscreen.