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Free Training: Integrating Health Services into Domestic Violence Agencies

Advocates are in a unique position to discuss with their clients short- and long-term health needs related to domestic violence (DV) and human trafficking (HT) and promote a culture of wellness and healing. This summer, there are three free training opportunities that can help domestic violence advocates learn more about this as part of a national initiative to improve health and safety outcomes for survivors.

Accessible, Culturally Responsive, and Trauma-Informed Training - Action Required by September 30, 2019

COLGBTQ Flag.pngAs a reminder, all funded organizations must have at least one staff person complete at least one training per contract year related to accessible, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed (ACRTI) practices. Each organization will need to report the name of the ACRTI-related training in the FVPSA Year-End Narrative that was completed by September 30, 2019. If you are still looking to complete an ACRTI training, here are some online resources that could be useful. These include state and national technical assistance resources.

Enhancing Data Collection Practices - Action Required by October 1, 2019

Phase 1 Graphic.pngAs part of DVP’s ongoing efforts to support Colorado advocacy organizations in telling the story of effective advocacy, DVP’s Advisory Committee developed Guiding Questions to help funded organizations reflect on their current data collection practices and prepare to implement the MOVERS outcome measurement tool. Funded organizations will have from now to September 30, 2019, to take a closer look at their data collection practices and take a brief, anonymous survey regarding training and technical assistance needs on data-related topics.

Update on Child Abuse and Neglect Background Checks

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Starting on August 2, 2019, the Office of Early Childhood (OEC) Background Investigations Unit (BIU) will be able to complete Child Abuse and Neglect Checks (Trails checks) for persons responsible for supervising children and who have unsupervised contact with children. DVP-funded organizations can now request Child Abuse and Neglect Checks via BIU for any employee or volunteer who has or will have contact with children in the course of their work at the organization


Free Advanced Domestic Violence Investigation Training Events

EVAW 6.27 Training Poster.PNGYou are invited to attend an Advanced Domestic Violence Investigation training brought to you by Ending Violence Against Women (EVAW) which will include information about predominant aggressor analysis, strangulation, stalking, trauma-informed interviewing, and prosecuting the case. These free training opportunities are open to system- and community-based advocates, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, child protection workers, and other allied professionals and are being offered in two rural areas this summer.