Project or Election Questions? Come to the Board Meeting on October 11th

Valley Sanitation District continues to move forward with the Interceptor Relocation Project and is awaiting comments from CDPHE on the Site Application and Environmental Assessment submittals. Things are relatively quiet for the moment with the exception of writing the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the next phase of the project. A determination on proceeding with the project will be made after the election on November 7.

Average Residential Water Usage

During the summer months, the District receives calls from a few of its customers who don’t believe that they could have used the amount of water for which they have been billed.  There are a lot of reasons for increased water usage, particularly during the summer months.  Many of our residents are irrigating their landscapes once the warm weather starts.  School-aged children are home and they may not be as mindful of their water usage habits as those of you who pay the water bill.  On an individual b

Behavioral health community forums identify successes, areas to improve

The Office of Behavioral Health hosted six community forums across the state in September 2017 to discuss behavioral health successes, needs and opportunities with individuals with lived experience, families, service providers, behavioral health workers, local human services, community partners and more. The forums facilitated an open dialogue about available services, ideas for next steps, and stigma reduction.