Gross Reservoir Expansion expected to be completed in 2025

Back in 2017, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued a record of decision and a 404 permit allowing Denver Water to proceed with a $380 million expansion of its Gross Dam and reservoir. The Gross Reservoir Expansion Project will raise the height of the dam, completed in 1954, by 131 feet, allowing the reservoir to nearly triple in size.

Motor Vehicle Body Style Change

When changing plate types, the body style on the title must be corrected.
Truck/Tractor Interchangeable Body Styles
  • Owners of truck/tractor vehicles sometimes interchange body styles and vehicle types by adding and/or removing the 5th wheel hitch/bed.  The appropriate license plate to issue to this vehicle type is illustrated below.
    • Title shows the vehicle as a truck-tractor (TT)
    • The vehicle is issued light truck or GVW plates depending upon the weight of the vehicle.
      • Examples: