Traffic Committee

Traffic Control 2016 Presentation

At the Board of Trustees meeting on August 4, 2016, Jon Larson, the Traffic Engineer from SEH, presented several options regarding traffic control for the Town of Foxfield.

Foxfield Traffic Committee 2018 Community Presentation

The Foxfield Traffic Committee has been meeting weekly since May to identify the major traffic issues facing our community and research potential solutions. Our ultimate goal is to use research and community feedback to present a formal recommendation to the Board of Trustees for a feasible solution to Foxfield's traffic issues.

The presentation includes information about the speeding and cut-through traffic problems, feasible solutions, and funding options. Traffic is an issue that affects all residents, whether directly or through our Town economics, so we encourage you to return the survey you will be receiving in the mail at the beginning of September.

Contact Josie Cockrell,, for additional information.


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Traffic Gate Plans

The final gate plan documents for the Traffic Control Access Gates at Fremont and Richfield have been completed and reviewed by the Board and the Traffic Committee. In addition, the plans were shared with the City of Centennial and CDOT for their comments.