Traffic Control Access Gates

The Town of Foxfield Board of Trustees has approved two traffic control access gates. There will be one on E. Fremont Avenue east of Parker Road and another on S. Richfield Street south of E. Hinsdale Avenue.

Preliminary Plans

On April 18, SEH presented preliminary designs for the gates to the Board of Trustees. Costs and design for some changes were requested by the Board and the revised designs weere presented at the May 2 Board of Trustees meeting. The Board chose to move forward with Option 2 for the gate on E. Fremont Avenue. Final designs will be prepared and presented to the Board for approval within 2-4 weeks.

Traffic Control Gates Preliminary Designs

Traffic Control Gates Revised Preliminary Designs

Final Plans

The final gate plan documents for the Traffic Control Access Gates at Fremont and Richfield have been completed and reviewed by the Board and the Traffic Committee. In addition, the plans were shared with the City of Centennial and CDOT for their comments.

Click here to view the plans.

The next step in the process involves securing a contractor to move forward with the project.  No acceptable bids were received during two rounds of competitive bids; the Town is working on securing an acceptable bid at this time.  Both gates will be under construction at the same time.