Election 2020 Results

At the Municipal Election held in the Town of Foxfield on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, the following votes were received:

Mayor Lisa Jones 171
(3 seats)
Josie Cockrell 138
Pam Thompson 128
Debra Farreau 106
Dave Goddard 101

A heartfelt thank you to judges Kay Heimbuck, Judee Mikulka and Linda Eaton, without whose help this election would not have been possible.  Thank you to Don and Judee Mikulka for the use of their driveway and front porch as our polling place, and to Don for helping with the canvass.  We thank Allyson Zoellner for the fun, personalized masks she made.  And thank you to Lisa Jones, Sharon Sager and Pam Thompson for the gloves, wipes and hand sanitizer they donated to help keep everyone safe.  This was truly a collaborative community effort.

All Town of Foxfield Board of Trustee elections are non-partisan.  The term of office is four (4) years

The April 7, 2020 polling place:


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Official Election 2018 Results

Ward 1 Josephine Cockrell 22
Scott Freas 40
Ward 2 Tom Morroni 24
Amy Snell-Johnson 30
Ward 3 Doug Headley 30
Lori Denise Finch 47

There was a 29% turnout in this election.

Thank you to Kay Heimbuck, Diane Skoglund and Chris Baumgartner for serving as election judges. They worked long hours to make this a successful election. Without them, the election could not have happened.

Ward Map

Official Election 2017 Results

Ballot Question 2B Yes 152
No 208

There was a 57% turnout in the Town of Foxfield.