Downtown Wayfinding

Update 12.05.18

Town staff is working to develop concepts to implement downtown wayfinding recommendations of the Downtown Plan. A public open house was held in October and public comments received were extremely valuable. A discussion with the Town Board for approval of the sign locations and sign architecture is expected the first quarter of 2019.

Exhibit 1 - Preliminary Wayfinding Destination List

Exhibit 2 - Preliminary Wayfinding Destinations by Location

Exhibit 3 - Preliminary Wayfinding Locations

Exhibit 4 - Kiosk Concept 1

Exhibit 5 - Kiosk Concept 2

Exhibit 6 - Pedestrian Concept 1

Exhibit 7 - Pedestrian Concept 2

Exhibit 8 - Pedestrian Concept 3

Exhibit 9 - Pedestrian Concept 4

Exhibit 10 - Pedestrian Concept 5

Exhibit 11 - Parking Concepts A - C

Exhibit 12 - Parking Concepts D - E

Wayfinding improvements were among a wide range of needed projects identified by the community in the recently completed and adopted Downtown Plan to benefit guests. The Downtown Plan is available for review at

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 970-577-3587.