Water Rates and Tap Fees

5/15/2019 - Update - The Water Division will be presenting a new water rate schedule to the Town Board at the Board meeting on Tuesday, May 28. The new schedule will be voted on by the Town Board at the meeting on Tuesday, July 9, 2019.
1/3/19 - Update - The Water Division is currently in the process of completing a new rate study. The 2018 rates will continue into 2019 until the new rate study is complete and the rates are approved by the Town Board.
Tap fees are calculated by type of structure and number of taps per location.
For more information on the water rates, please contact, Steve Rusch, the Utilities Coordinator at 970-577-3625. To understand how the changes could affect a specific property’s water bills, call Utility Billing at 970-586-5331. Subscribe to receive Town news and/or meeting agendas in your email inbox by emailing townadmin@estes.org.
Questions? Please contact Chris Eshelman, Water Superintendent at 970-577-3630 or ceshelman@estes.org.