Annual Water Main Flush

The Town of Estes Park Water Division conducts an annual water main flushing program from April to May. The flushing improves water quality and clarity by creating a higher than normal flow through the distribution system. This flow helps to clear the pipes of the iron oxide buildup resulting from corrosion of older steel pipes. Water customers may notice discoloration of their water for a short period of time.
The rusty-looking water can leave iron stains in clothing and is not aesthetically-pleasing, but it is safe to use.  The best solution for customers is to avoid using water, particularly hot water, when crews are flushing in the area.  If rusty water is drawn, cold water should be run for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the water clears.  If the water does not clear in that time, water should be shut off for about 30 minutes before the process is repeated. If you notice yellowish discoloration of your hot water, your water heater should be drained and flushed. Many manufactureer's recommend this be done as annual preventative maintenance. Check your owner's manual for instructions on how to perform this procedure. 

2018 Water main flushing will follow the schedule below:

Monday, May 7                     

 Spur 66 to Marys Lake Road

Moraine Avenue (from River Rock Condominiums to Marys Lake Road)

High Drive area


Tuesday, May 8                     

 Range View

Elkhorn Club Estates

Riverside Drive (from Marys Lake Road to Prospect Park)

Fall River Road

Riverside Drive (from Prospect Park to Moccasin bypass)

Moccasin bypass and Cyteworth areas


Wednesday, May 9               

Estes Park Medical Center area

Stanley Circle

CO Highway 7 (west side from Rocky Mountain Park Inn to Lexington Lane)

CO Highway 7 (west side from Lexington Lane to Pinewood Drive)

Peak View Drive to Dekker Circle



Thursday, May 10                 

CO Highway 7 (east side from Dannels Fire Station to Whispering Pines Drive)

Park School District Area

Bureau of Reclamation neighborhood


Friday, May 11                       

Fish Creek Road

The Uplands


Monday, May 14                         

Elkhorn Avenue and downtown (north to Devils Gulch Road)

Davis Hill

Stanley Village

Black Canyon Hills


Tuesday, May 15                       

U.S. 34 (from Stanley Village east to Bellevue Drive)

Stanley Heights

The Reserve

Ranch Meadows

Lone Pine area

Grand Estates


Wednesday, May 16                   

Dry Gulch Road

Good Samaritan Village


Thursday, May 17                   

Carriage Hills (south of Whispering Pines Drive)

Arapaho Meadows

Cherokee Drive

Prospect Estates

Centennial Hills

Rockwood Estates


Friday, May 18                           

Thunder Mountain area

Fall River Estates

Fish Hatchery Road

Kiowa Ridge area

For more information about the water main flushing program, please call the Town of Estes Park Water Division at 970-577-3619.