Annual Water Main Flush

The Town of Estes Park Water Division conducts an annual water main flushing program in the Spring. Flushing improves water quality and clarity by creating a higher than normal flow through the distribution system. This flow helps to clear the pipes of the iron oxide buildup resulting from corrosion of older steel pipes. Water customers may notice discoloration of their water for a short period of time. The water main flush is conducted by pulling large volumes of water through fire hydrants. This also gives the Water Division the opportunity to inspect all fire hydrants in the system to ensure they are in working order and make any necessary repairs. 
The rusty-looking water can leave iron stains in clothing and is not aesthetically-pleasing, but it is safe to use.  The best solution for customers is to avoid using water, particularly hot water, when crews are flushing in the area.  If rusty water is drawn, cold water should be run for 15 to 20 minutes, or until the water clears.  If the water does not clear in that time, water should be shut off for about 30 minutes before the process is repeated. If you notice yellowish discoloration of your hot water, your water heater should be drained and flushed. Many manufactureer's recommend this be done as annual preventative maintenance. Check your owner's manual for instructions on how to perform this procedure. 

Water Main Flush Schedule to be Spread Over Four Weeks

The Water Division will take a slower approach to the annual water main flush in 2019 with the aim of minimizing side effects sometimes caused by the process, such as water hammer. The flush is normally scheduled over eight days, however this year the process will be slowly carried out over a period of 30 days. The Water Division will begin the water main flush the week of July 8-12 and continue through the middle of August. For more information, please call the Water Division at 970-577-3619.