US 36 & Community Drive Roundabout

Update 08.30.19

The Town held a public meeting at the Estes Park Museum on Thursday, Aug. 29 to review and discuss the 30% design plans (bottom of page) for the US 36 & Community Drive roundabout. Feedback on this proposed project is critical to its success and is very much appreciated.

Update 08.05.19

In December 2018, the Town was awarded a $750K Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) grant for a roundabout at US 36 & Community Drive. This will combine with the $968K already budgeted toward the design and construction of this project.

In January 2019, Town staff and the Town's roundabout consultant made a Town Board Study Session presentation on the benefits of modern roundabouts and on the basic concepts of the three roundabouts currently being designed within Estes Park (US 34 & MacGregor Ave.; Moraine Ave. & Crags Dr.; US 36 & Community Dr.).

After some adjustments to the draft Stanley Park Master Plan in early 2019, the final master plan was adopted by the Town Board in June 2019. The final master plan included the roundabout and a direct access to the fairgrounds area at the southwest corner of the US 36 & Community Drive intersection.

The preliminary roundabout design process began in March 2019 upon Town Board approval of the consultant design contracts. The design process addressed the following project components:

  • vertical and horizontal layout of the roadway to meet established standards for roundabouts
  • provisions for deferring construction of the 4th leg of the roundabout (access to the fairgrounds area on the southwest corner of the intersection)
  • drainage from the roadway to Lake Estes
  • new and relocated utilities
  • extension of the pedestrian underpass east of the intersection
  • adjustments to the existing trail alignment near the southeast corner of the intersection
  • pedestrian & bike paths connecting to, and through, the roundabout
  • striping and signage
  • construction specifications
  • development of a construction cost estimate

Preliminary plans for the roundabout were completed in July 2019. These plans will undergo an extensive technical review in August by a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including Town staff from several departments (CDOT, Estes Valley Recreation and Parks District, utility agencies, emergency services, the school district, and the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation). The plans will also be reviewed by the Transportation Advisory Board at the next scheduled meeting.

A public open house will be held Thursday, August 29, 2019 to review and discuss the preliminary roundabout plans. Details on the open house will be announced soon. Upon completion of the technical reviews and public outreach, the final design phase will get underway. Final design plans are scheduled to be complete in December 2019. Construction is anticipated for 2021 and will be subject to confirming that the estimated construction costs are within the available budgeted funding.


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US 36 & Community Drive Turn Lanes - 30% Design (May 2018)

Benefits of Roundabouts Town Board Presentation (Jan. 2019)

US 36 & Community Drive Roundabout - 30% Plans (July 2019)

FHWA - Roundabouts - A Safer Choice (August 2019)

For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 970-577-3587.