Customer Tree Replacement Pilot Program

The Estes Park Light and Power Division is pleased to announce their forthcoming Customer Tree Replacement Pilot Program.

This program is a pilot for replacing customer’s trees that have been removed due to the maintenance of the utility right-of-way. All parameters are subject to change during the course of the year. The program launched at the Estes Park Mountain Festival, April 28-29, 2017. Further program details and information will be posted here.

Customers will be offered a one for one replacement voucher of $100 each for up to three (3) trees with a minimum diameter at breast height (DBH) of 12 inches. A site visit by Light and Power personnel will be required before a voucher may be issued. Vouchers may be used for the purchase of trees, shrubs or other woody species at participating local nurseries. The voucher can be redeemed at the nurseries at any time during the year and is valid for any woody type plant, with the exception of tree species with an expected mature height greater than fifteen feet. The customer must sign their voucher when it is redeemed. Vouchers will be valid for one year from the date of issue. 

Vouchers will only be issued for trees removed from within 75 feet of the front or street side of the house. Vouchers will not be issued for trees removed from the backyard, at the homeowner’s request, or due to storm damage.

Customers are responsible for contacting the Light & Power office to request a site visit by Light and Power personnel and replacement voucher. The customer does not need to be present for the site visit. Vouchers, along with a planting guide and a suggested plant list developed from the Community Development plant list, will either be issued in person or mailed to the customer. 

Customers will be responsible for the selection, transportation, planting, and care of replacement trees or plants. Light and Power will not be held responsible for the survivability of plants or trees, which may succumb due to improper care, drought, etc. Any problems with the health of replacement trees after planting should be referred to the participating nursery.

For questions regarding tree trimming in the utility right-of-way or to request a site visit for a replacement tree – please contact the Administrative Assistant, Sarah Clark, at 970-577-3627 or