Support Services

Estes Park Emergency Communications Center logo, Estes Park Police Department patch, and Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership logo.

The Support Services Division provides restorative justice, records, auxiliary and emergency communications services for the Estes Park Police Department and Town of Estes Park. The Division consists of the Estes Park Emergency Communications CenterRecords Unit, Restorative Justice Partnership, and Police Auxiliary, and is overseen by the Support Services Captain. The Division is comprised of 14 employees -- a Police Captain, 2 Records Technicians, Restorative Justice Manager, Restorative Justice Program Coordinator, Communications Manager and 8 Emergency Services Dispatchers -- and over 80 volunteers. Contact Captain Corey Pass at 970-577-3828 or with comments or suggestions.


Interested in volunteering for the police department as a member of the Police Auxiliary or front desk volunteer? Contact Captain Corey Pass at 970-577-3828 for more information. Front desk volunteers assist Police Department staff by managing the front desk window of the police department, answering questions and providing a variety of forms and resources to the community and visitors.

Estes Park Police Blue Santa Program