The Streets Division is responsible for 59 miles of Town of Estes Park roadway including snow plowing, street sweeping, striping, curb, gutter, pothole patching, resurfacing, chip seal, crack seal and more (see in-depth descriptions below). There is a crew of four full-time staff in the department and one seasonal employee is hired during the summer months. 
Snow Removal
The Snow Removal Program involves the cleaning of all Town-maintained streets, cul-de-sacs, parking lots, sidewalks, ridge removal and hike and bike trails.  See our Snow Removal page for more information.
Street and Traffic Sign Replacement
Includes replacing faded or discolored signs within Town limits, installation and removal of seasonal signs, installation of traffic control signs during special events, and the installation of signs as authorized by the Public Works Committee.
Street Maintenance
The Street Maintenance Program is the department's miscellaneous program. A major portion of the work involves such things as bollard repairs, curb markings, patching and other related work. 
Encompasses the widening of streets for drainage curbs, pothole patching with either hot or cold mix, depending upon the season. With hot asphalt, the Streets Division will perform all patching up to a medium sized need.  For larger areas, a contractor is typically hired to perform the patching.  See our Pothole Patching page for more information.
Painting & Striping
Consists of red curb, parking stalls in all Town lots, crosswalks, stop bars, right arrows, left arrows, straight arrows, handicapped parking, no parking and loading zones.
Crack Seal
Repair of cracks in the asphalt to prevent the infiltration of water that accelerates erosion and potholes.  This service is performed in the Spring and Fall.  Crack Sealing is being performed utilizing Ballot Issue 1A sales tax funds.
Cleaning culverts, replacement of Town-owned culverts, grading ditches and constructing asphalt curbs. Please report any draingage issues to the Public Works Department.
Shouldering new overlays and isolated spots where there have been drainage problems.
Dump Site Cleaning
General clean-up and screening of all debris piles.
For more information please contact Public Works at 970-577-3587 or