Street Improvements

The Town of Estes Park maintains around 59 centerline miles of paved streets. A successful pavement management program utilizes a variety of techniques that not only repairs pavement surfaces that have deteriorated, but more importantly maintains road way segments that are in good condition. Public Works now manages the street network of Estes Park with a computer-based program called PAVER™. This Windows-based program is a powerful tool in managing our pavements. A pavement management system uses engineering technology to determine when, where, and how to best maintain roadways. It provides the needed leverage to preserve the infrastructure investment. PAVER™ assists the Engineering Division in organizing, planning and budgeting for pavement maintenance. It offers prediction modeling and analysis for long term future control of all pavement management aspects.

This project will consist of drainage improvements, road repaving, and a new concrete trail from Wonderview Avenue north to the town limits near Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church. The Town of Estes Park encourages everyone to provide input on the preliminary plan and design.


For more information please contact Public Works at 970-577-3587 or