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Joint Town Board & Larimer County Commissioners Study Session - February 19, 2019

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Stormwater Master Plan

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Stormwater Management Project Public Outreach Presentation - Updated and revised 6/11/18 based on public feedback received in the June public outreach meetings

Stormwater Master Plan Project

The Town of Estes Park's stormwater master plan will identify problem drainage areas and lay out a path for the Town to complete future drainage improvement projects. This plan is a significant first step toward a safer and more sustainable Estes Park. It has been a critical need for Estes Park for many years, and this was never more evident than during the 2013 flood. Many of Estes Park’s existing drainage channels, inlets, culverts and ponds were inadequate to convey the flows that resulted from that rainfall event. The Town suffered significant damage from which it is taking years to recover.