Staff Directory

Town of Estes Park general inquiries:

Phone: 970-586-5331


Commonly contacted employees are listed below. To reach someone who is not listed, please contact the department directly.

Staff Title Phone Email
Lancaster, Frank Town Administrator 970-577-3705
Machalek, Travis Assistant Town Administrator 970-577-3707 
Rusch, Kate Public Information Officer 970-577-3701
Simpson, Suzanna Executive Assistant 970-577-3700
Administrative Services
Staff Title Phone Email
Beers, Bunny Administrative Assistant 970-577-4774
Doering, Tami Administrative Assistant 970-577-4772
Spitsbergen, Rebecca Human Resources Manager 970-577-4775
Williamson, Jackie Town Clerk & Director of Administrative Services 970-577-4771
Community Development
Staff Title Phone Email
Building Inspection Line Call before 4:00 p.m. to schedule an inspection
for the following business day
Birchfield, Will Chief Building Official  970-577-3728
Gonzales, Audem Planner II 970-577-3729
Hardin, Linda Code Compliance Officer 970-577-3723
Hunt, Randy Director 970-577-3719
Kurtz, Tina Environmental Planner/Planner III & Floodplain Manager 970-577-3732
Phillips, Charlie  Residential Plans Examiner 970-577-3739
Thompson, Karen  Executive Assistant 970-577-3721
Traufield, Claude  Combination Building Inspector 970-577-3722
Wiedow, Jacki Building Permit Technician 970-577-3726
Community Services
Staff Title Phone Email
Hinkle, Rob Fairgrounds & Events Director 970-577-3901
Benes, Kevin Events Coordinator 970-577-3903
Johnson, Barbara Events Coordinator 970-577-3902
Hocker, David Administrative Assistant 970-577-3905
Lynch, Karen  Sales & Marketing Manager 970-577-3956
Salerno, Teri Visitor Services Manager 970-577-3940
Wells, Brian Transit Program Manager 970-577-3963
Cultural Services      
Staff Title Phone Email
Claypool, Kelly Senior Services Program Coordinator 970-577-3769
Fortini, Derek Museum Director 970-577-3761
Headley, Beth Senior Services Program Coordinator 970-577-3774
Mitchell, Lori  Senior Services Manager 970-577-3765
Rochambeau, Alicia  Museum Curator of Education 970-577-3762
Staff Title Phone Email
Beesley, Sharla Accountant I - Project Accountant 970-577-3708
Goreski, Jane Payroll Technician 970-577-3562
Holgorsen, Deborah Accounts Payable 970-577-3566
Hudson, Duane Finance Director/Treasurer 970-577-3560
McDougall, Deborah Assistant Finance Officer 970-577-3565
McEachern, Kim Administrative Clerk II 970-577-3568
Skelton, Julie Utility Billing Specialist 970-577-3567
Staff Title Phone Email
Police Dispatch Non-emergency number 970-586-4000  
Barnes, Peni Executive Assistant 970-577-3823
Kufeld, Wes Chief of Police 970-577-3825
Pass, Corey Community & Information Services Captain 970-577-3828
Rose, Eric Police Operations Captain 970-577-3827
Public Works
Ash, Kevin Civil Engineer 970-577-3586
Berg, Brian Parks Supervisor 970-577-3783
Kearney, Justin Streets Supervisor 970-577-3777
Landkamer, Jon Facilities Manager 970-577-3576
McEachern, Kevin Operations Manager 970-577-3604
Muhonen, Greg Director of Public Works 970-577-3581
Nelson, Jim Fleet Supervisor 970-577-3603
Phillips, Samantha Flood Recovery Project Associate 970-577-3574
Stallworth, Kelly Pavement Manager 970-577-3577
Van Hoozer, Megan Administrative Assistant 970-577-3587
Staff Title Phone Email
Bergsten, Reuben Director of Utilites 970-577-3583
Beehler, Diana Water Quality and Laboratory Manager 970-577-3624
Boles, Jeff Water Superintendent 970-577-3608
Clark, Sarah Light and Power Administrative Assistant 970-577-3627
Eshelman, Chris Water Plant Supervisor 970-577-3630
Fraundorf, Alan IT Manager 970-577-3580
Lockhart, Joe Line Superintendent 970-577-3613
Parker, Susie Administrative Assistant 970-577-3588
Rusch, Steve Utilities Coordinator 970-577-3625
Swoboda, Linda Project Manager 970-577-4790
Tedder, Cliff Water Distribution Supervisor 970-577-3622