Staff Directory

Town of Estes Park general inquiries:

Phone: 970-586-5331
Town Hall Physical Address: 170 MacGregor Ave.
General Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1200, Estes Park, CO 80517
Please refer to department pages for specific addresses.

Commonly contacted employees are listed below. To reach someone who is not listed, please contact the department directly.

Staff Title Phone Email
Lancaster, Frank Town Administrator 970-577-3705
Machalek, Travis Assistant Town Administrator 970-577-3707 
Rusch, Kate Public Information Officer 970-577-3701
Simpson, Suzanna Executive Assistant 970-577-3700
Administrative Services
Staff Title Phone Email
Main Line Administrative Services 970-577-4777
Beers, Bunny Administrative Assistant 970-577-4772
Spitsbergen, Rebecca Human Resources Manager 970-577-4775
Williamson, Jackie Town Clerk & Director of Administrative Services 970-577-4771
Community Development
Staff Title Phone Email
Building Inspection Line Call before 4:00 p.m. to schedule an inspection
for the following business day
Birchfield, Will Chief Building Official  970-577-3728
Gonzales, Audem Planner II 970-577-3729
Hardin, Linda Code Compliance Officer 970-577-3723
Hunt, Randy Director 970-577-3719
Kurtz, Tina Environmental Planner/Planner III & Floodplain Manager 970-577-3732
Phillips, Charlie  Residential Plans Examiner 970-577-3739
Thompson, Karen  Executive Assistant 970-577-3721
Traufield, Claude  Combination Building Inspector 970-577-3722
Wiedow, Jacki Building Permit Technician 970-577-3726
Community Services
Staff Title Phone Email
Hinkle, Rob Fairgrounds & Events Director 970-577-3901
Benes, Kevin Events Coordinator 970-577-3903
Johnson, Barbara Events Coordinator 970-577-3902
Hocker, David Administrative Assistant 970-577-3905
Lynch, Karen  Sales & Marketing Manager 970-577-3956
Salerno, Teri Visitor Services Manager 970-577-3940
Wells, Brian Transit Program Manager 970-577-3963
Cultural Services      
Staff Title Phone Email
Claypool, Kelly Senior Services Program Coordinator 970-577-3769
Fortini, Derek Museum Director 970-577-3761
Headley, Beth Senior Services Program Coordinator 970-577-3774
Mitchell, Lori  Senior Services Manager 970-577-3765
Rochambeau, Alicia  Museum Curator of Education 970-577-3762
Staff Title Phone Email
Beesley, Sharla Accountant I - Project Accountant 970-577-3708
Goreski, Jane Payroll Technician 970-577-3562
Holgorsen, Deborah Accounts Payable 970-577-3566
Hudson, Duane Finance Director/Treasurer 970-577-3560
McDougall, Deborah Assistant Finance Officer 970-577-3565
McEachern, Kim Administrative Clerk II 970-577-3568
Skelton, Julie Utility Billing Specialist 970-577-3567
Staff Title Phone Email
Police Dispatch Non-emergency number 970-586-4000  
Barnes, Peni Executive Assistant 970-577-3823
Kufeld, Wes Chief of Police 970-577-3825
Pass, Corey Community & Information Services Captain 970-577-3828
Rose, Eric Police Operations Captain 970-577-3827
Public Works
Ash, Kevin Civil Engineer 970-577-3586
Berg, Brian Parks Supervisor 970-577-3783
Kearney, Justin Streets Supervisor 970-577-3777
Landkamer, Jon Facilities Manager 970-577-3576
McEachern, Kevin Operations Manager 970-577-3604
Muhonen, Greg Director of Public Works 970-577-3581
Nelson, Jim Fleet Supervisor 970-577-3603
Phillips, Samantha Flood Recovery Project Associate 970-577-3574
Stallworth, Kelly Pavement Manager 970-577-3577
Van Hoozer, Megan Administrative Assistant 970-577-3587
Staff Title Phone Email
Bergsten, Reuben Director of Utilites 970-577-3583
Beehler, Diana Water Quality and Laboratory Manager 970-577-3624
Clark, Sarah Light and Power Administrative Assistant 970-577-3627
Eshelman, Chris Water Superintendent 970-577-3630
Fraundorf, Alan IT Manager 970-577-3580
Lockhart, Joe Line Superintendent 970-577-3613
Parker, Susie Administrative Assistant 970-577-3588
Rusch, Steve Utilities Coordinator 970-577-3625
Swoboda, Linda Project Manager 970-577-4790
Tedder, Cliff Water Distribution Supervisor 970-577-3622