Solar Power


With a solar electric system, the sun provides clean energy with no fuel costs.  Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight directly into electricity, saving money and energy.  They are easy to maintain and do not produce any noise or pollution.  With solar energy, a property owner can:

  • Reduce electric utility bills
  • Increase the property's value
  • Reduce carbon footprints and help protect the environment

There are several requirements which must be followed by property owners installing a PV system for their home or business within the service area of Estes Park Light & Power Division.

  1. When installing a system within the Town limits of Estes Park, the solar contractor must have or obtain the proper business license from the Town Clerk.  Refer to this list for information on contractors already licensed to install solar systems within the Town limits or contact the Town Clerk's office at 970-577-4777.
  2. A building permit must be obtained from the Estes Park Building Division if the property is located within the Town limits.  If the property is outside the Town limits, a permit must be obtained from the appropriate county office: Larimer County building permit information; Boulder County building permit information. Please note that installations in the Estes Valley and outside Town limits will also need to submit a Zoning Approval application through the Town's Community Development office.
  3. The owner of the site of installation will be required to enter into an Agreement for Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Customer Generation System (also referred to as a net metering agreement) with the Town of Estes Park.  The regulations and requirements set forth in the net metering agreement and the Town's Renewable Energy Policy-Net Metering must be followed and adhered to.
    • Completed interconnection application packets can be submitted in person to Steve Rusch, Utilities Coordinator, at the Estes Park Town Hall, 170 MacGregor Ave, Suite 140; via email to; or mailed to Town of Estes Park, Attn: Steve Rusch, PO Box 1200, Estes Park, CO 80517.
  4. After installation is complete, the new system must be inspected by the State Electrical Inspector and the Estes Park Light & Power Division.

Check with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies for their  DORA - PV Submittal Guidelines.

Battery-retrofit of existing solar systems

Customers retrofitting their existing solar systems with battery systems are required to submit a new Interconnection agreement with updated system plans to Light & Power prior to installation and operation. 


Additional resources:  USDept of Energy Consumer's Guide and

For more information or questions, contact us at or call Sarah Clark, Light & Power Administrative Assistant, at 970-577-3627, or Karla Sterling, Utilities Department Administrative Assistant, at 970-577-3588.