Smart Meters - Installation

Installation Schedule

Since the AMI system being used can integrate with the many of the existing AMR meters on the system (see How they Work), replacing select meters in addition to regularly scheduled replacements will allow Estes Park Utilities to gather readings from the existing AMR meters as well. The following areas (based on billing cycle and route) are the focus for meter upgrades in 2018:

  • Highway 34: Fall River, Grand Estates
  • Pole Hill/Highway 36
  • Dry Gulch/Devils Gulch
  • Highway 66
  • Highway 7 corridor: Carriage Hills - Meeker Park

Notification mailers have been sent to customers in the selected areas. Installation schedules will be determined by billing route priority and crew availability. 

The following areas have largely been upgraded:

  • CR43/Glen Haven & The Retreat
  • Highway 7 corridor: Meeker Park south to Allenspark

What to Expect During Installation

Estes Park Utilities personnel, or contractors with official identification, will arrive at the property and knock on the door. If the resident answers, they will provide a brief overview of the following:

  • The resident's AMR electric meter is being replaced with an upgraded AMI electric meter
  • There will be a brief power outage, so if there are any medical devices, computer or other electronic device operating, the installer should be notified and will request time for that outage.
  • For operation of critical medical equipment, call Utilities at 970-586-5331 or 1-800-748-1717, option 1 upon receiving notification of meter installation, so staff can accommodate those important needs.
  • Utilities personnel will conduct a visual inspection of the meter socket. Although not required, this is being done as part of staff's commitment to safety.
  • The entire process should take about 15 minutes.
  • Digital displays will need to be reset due to the brief power outage, which typically lasts less than 20 seconds.

If the resident does not answer the door upon arrival of our metering staff, they will replace the meter and leave a door hanger indicating that the meter was upgraded.

For more information:

Questions? Contact Sarah Clark, Light & Power Administrative Assistant, at 970-577-3627 or