The Town of Estes Park regulates the display and construction of signs. Signs permits are required to ensure all new signs comply with the requirements of the Sign Code (Estes Park Municipal Code Chapter 17.66), and to protect the public from hazardous conditions that result from signs that are unsafe or obscure the vision of motorists.

Signs within the Town of Estes Park

A sign is any display or message intended to attract attention. Signs can contain commercial or non-commercial information. Signs include words, pictures, trademarks, flags, banners and murals.

Do I need a sign permit?

Any sign visible to the public from a street, parking area, mall or other circulation areas open to the general public is required to have a sign permit, though certain signs are exempt.

A complete list of exemptions is provided in the Sign Code, but generally the following are exempt:

  • Signs not visible from the public thoroughfare,

  • Temporary holiday decorations,

  • ​“Open” and “Vacancy” signs (less than four square feet in size),
  • Window displays and signs (less than 25% of window area), and

  • Temporary real estate signs (meeting size and location requirements)

Permits and Applications

Download and fill out the online forms:

You can also contact the Community Development Division at 970-577-3721 or visit Room 210 for a printed application.


  • Permits
    • Sign Permit, except banners: $75
    • Temporary Banner Permit: $30
  • Staff-Level Reviews
    • Minor Modification: variance of 10% or less: $25


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Signs within Unincorporated Estes Valley

Compliance within unincorporated Estes Valley is regulated by the Larimer County Sign Code.