Service Elevated

The Town of Estes Park is pleased to introduce Service Elevated, our staff created customer service program. 

Service Elevated supports the Town's mission, vision and strategic plan in the following ways:

Supports the mission of providing high quality, reliable services.

Supports the vision of enhancing our position as a premier mountain community by delivering a positive local government experience and well-trained, friendly and helpfu staff. 

Supports a few key outcome areas of the strategic plan - exceptional guest services, outstanding community services, and governmental services and internal support.

The basis of Service Elevated is our organizational values, which represent our service priorities.

1. Responsive - We assess situations with care and respond to customer needs in a helpful and timely manner.

2. Approach - We approach each customer with respect and empathy, engaging in open dialogue and demonstrating a willingness to listen and work together toward the best possible outcome. 

3. Outcome-focused - We provide reliable and efficient services to meet customer needs, taking proactive, innovative measures and seeking closure for each customer interaction. 

4. Supportive - We are empowered through development, education and resources to provide the appropriate customer service in a supported environment. 

5. Accessible - We strive to ensure that informatin and resources are kept up to date and easy to find and understand. 

We want to hear from you! Email with feedback on the service you receive from Town of Estes Park staff.