Request for Proposals / Quotes

Current Request for Proposals (RFP)  and Request for Quotation/Bid (RFQ):
Information for many of the Town of Estes Park's available bid and proposal opportunities will now be posted on the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System (RMEPS) website. RMEPS allows local agencies throughout the region to notify vendors about bidding opportunities while increasing efficiency and lowering costs for member agencies and taxpayers through shared resources. RMEPS delivers convenient, centralized online access to bid opportunities, reducing paperwork and simplifying the process for vendors to do businesses with the Town. Bid and proposal opportunities will be posted as they become available.
  • Vendors can sign up for basic "Use Search Registration" with Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing, which allows them to search all opportunities at NO COST.
  • Alternatively, vendors may elect to pay for upgraded service including email alerts and bid updates.
  • Vendors must choose the no cost "Use Search Registration" or the upgraded membership (at a cost) during Step 4 of the online registration.
For assistance with registration, please call the RMEPS support department at 1-800-835-4603. Other opportunities may be listed on this page, below.

Other Opportunities:

Department                                     Project                                                                           Due Date                 

Community Services

Catch the Glow Parade Creative Designer Open until filled
Public Works - Facilities

Town of Estes Park Roof Restorations 2019 - ITB

Draft Construction Agreement

Police Department Roof - RFQ

Streets Division Roof - RFQ

A14 Roof Plan

Streets & Fleet Plans


Mandatory Prebid Roster

170 MacGregor Gaco Roof Inspection

170 MacGregor Gaco Tar & Gravel

575 Elm Road Gaco Roof Inspection

Addendum 2 - Providing specifications of the approved materials for the 2019 Roof Restoration Project


GreenSil100 SDS 2018002

GreenSil100 TDS 2018002

GSP 20-Year Sample Warranty

Addendum 3 - Providing additional specifications of the approved materials for the 2019 Roof Restoration Project





April 25, 2019
Public Works - Parking & Transit Parking Structure Banner Art  April 26, 2019
Public Works - Parks / PAB

2019 Decorating Utility Box (DUB) RFP

Sample Contract


May 10, 2019
Finance Estes Park Bond Underwriting RFP April 22, 2019