Bureau of Reclamation Neighborhood Project

October 11 Update: The pavement repairs are scheduled to take place Wednesday, October 11 through October 13.

August 8 Update: Work is scheduled to take place at the intersections of Highway 7 as follows:

     Monday, August 8 - Thursday, August 10 at 4th Street 

     Monday, August 14 - Wednesday, August 16 at 3rd Street

     Monday, August 21 - Wednesday, August 23 at 2nd Street

     Monday, August 28 - Wednesday, August 30 at 1st Street

After all work is completed pavement will be repaired for all sites.  

July 28 Update: The work scheduled to begin on July 31 has been pushed back one week and will begin on August 7. The delay is due to a change in traffic disruption patterns and the need for additional approval. 

July 20 News Release: First phase of Reclamation neighborhood water line upgrades begins July 31; Water taps, line installation and repaving will require traffic control at intersections with Highway 7

In 2017, the Water Division of the Town of Estes Park anticipates beginning the first of six engineered phases of the mainline replacement project in the Bureau of Reclamation Neighborhood that will replace the existing 4” steel mainline with new 8” ductile iron pipe and feature the addition of fire hydrants. All work will be completed at the expense of the Water Division. This is an ambitious project that will take place over the span of the next few years.

As the Water Division prepares to connect the properties in each phase, individual homeowners will be contacted ahead of time to discuss the placement of the service line as well as the restoration of the disturbed area and landscaping. 

No significant water outages are anticipated as the project moves forward; however, continued patience will be appreciated as traffic disruptions can be expected.

As plans are ready to be implemented, updates will posted on this page.

Please contact the Water Division with any questions you may have. 

Cliff Tedder, Water Distribution Supervisor, can be reached at 970-577-3622 or ctedder@estes.org

The Town of Estes Park looks forward to working together with the community to achieve the improved reliability of the water system as well as increased fire protection and better water quality through the completion of this project.