Pressure Reducing Valves

1/17/19 - Update

The Crystal Storage Tank has been taken off line and the pressure zone change is complete. There will be some temporary service interruptions the week of January 21-25 as connected lines are abandoned. Affected residents will be notified in advance of any interruption in service with door hangers. 


The Water Division is preparing to abandon the Crystal Storage Tank which is aging and no longer necessary. This change will significantly increase the water pressure in one area of Carriage Hills from existing levels ranging from 20-75 pounds per square inch (psi) to 80-200 psi. This means that it will be necessary to ensure that a pressure reducing valve (PRV) either exists or is installed in these homes. The PRV needs to be installed in the plumbing system after the first shut-off and before the water meter. This will protect water meters and household plumbing from any damage that can be caused by high water pressure. This change in water pressure will be beneficial to the fire flows in the area as well as the general water pressure in homes. Additionally, households currently using a booster pump, can eliminate this device.

The Water Division recommends the installation of a WATTS ¾ LF 25AUB-Z3 or comparable model pressure reducing valve. Typically, the installation needs to be completed by a plumber.

The Crystal Storage Tank is scheduled to be taken off line at the end of December 2018, therefore we request that this work be completed by December 14. 

Please contact the Water Division with any questions at 970-577-3619.

The map below illustrates the location of the affected residences, which are in the area highlighted in grey. Residents affected by this change have been contacted by letter and will be contacted additionally by phone.