Electric Projects

Estes Park Power & Communication is continually striving to provide the best electrical service to its customers.

In a dynamic environment like the Rocky Mountains, regular maintenance and upgrades to the electric system are required. Performing regular system maintenance provides opportunities to upgrade and improve on an ongoing basis. Capital improvement projects are continually underway to bring long-term upgrades to the system. Please refer to the Electric Capital Improvements page and the Electric Maintenance Projects page for periodic updates on these ongoing projects.

Scheduled Outage for Carriage Hills Capital Improvement Project

The Light & Power crew has scheduled a power outage to for the capital improvement project. The outage will take place Monday, June 17, from 9 am until 1 pm. The outage will affect customers along Lakeshore Dr, the north end of Long View Dr, Fawn Ct, and Fish Creek Rd; check the map below to see if you will be affected.

Power & Communication Contract Crews to Update Electric System Inventory:

The Estes Park Power & Communication Division has contracted a crew to maintain an inventory of our electric and fiber optic system to improve and provide accuracy to our GIS maps. This inventory includes poles, powerlines, and transformers throughout the service area of the Estes Valley. Crews began work in Glen Haven in May 2016, working through the winter. At times they will be accessing right of ways on properties to walk out the powerlines and collect additional data.