Restorative Community Mediation

What is Restorative Community Mediation?

Restorative community mediation is a structured method of negotiation and conflict resolution. The goal is to assist parties in developing practical and permanent solutions to potentially escalating interpersonal/organizational conflicts. The process is facilitated by neutral parties known as mediators. These professionally trained mediators do not make decisions about who is right or wrong. Rather, they assist parties to identify harms incurred together, form a mutually agreed upon agreement that repairs harms, and allows restoration to take place. Both parties must voluntarily agree to participate. Participants are encouraged to come with an open mind and a spirit of collaboration. 

Benefits to Participants

  • Restorative Community Mediation (RCM) is considerably less expensive than going to court and hiring an attorney
  • RCM saves time
  • RCM is confidential
  • Agreements through RCM are highly effective since participants invest in the process by creating the agreement themselves
  • RCM assists parties to repair and reconcile broken relationships. It strengthens responsibility in modeling effective conflict resolution to the community 

Benefits to the Community

  • RCM agreements lead to a 95% success rate when both parties actively participate 
  • RCM helps to diffuse escalating conflicts
  • RCM assists the court system by helping reduce case loads
  • RCM helps build trust within the community
  • RCM is free of charge to anyone living in the Estes Valley

Situations Appropriate for Restorative Community Mediation

  • Pet complaints
  • Noise disturbances
  • Neighborhood issues
  • Interpersonal conflicts
  • Organizational conflicts
  • Landlord/tenant issues
  • Workplace conflicts

Situations Not Appropriate for Restorative Community Mediation

  • Divorce 
  • Child Custody
  • Situations where both parties are not participating in good faith

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