Smart Meters - How they work

Smart meters and supplemental devices create a wireless two-way communication mesh network between the existing AMR meters, the new AMI meters and the utility. The smart meters transmit highly accurate electricity and water consumption data back to the utility at set intervals. This eliminates the need to send a technician to drive by customers’ homes and businesses to gather meter readings for billing purposes while providing many benefits including enhanced reliability and quality, as well as the ability to integrate distributed generation.

smart grid illustration
(Source: Department of Energy)
The AMI electric meter is also capable of collecting usage data from existing AMR electric and water meters. Approximately 70 AMI meters were put in place during the pilot program in the Estes Valley (24 residential and the remainder on Town facilities). These 70 AMI meters read approximately 3,000 AMR meters. Estes Park Utilities selected the Tantalus TUNet® meter due to its ability to allow gradual migration from AMR to AMI meters over time.

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