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Volunteer with Estes Valley Restorative Justice Partnership

EVRJP has a variety of volunteer opportunities and is entirely dependent on volunteers to run processes. Though some volunteer placements require extensive training and a particular skill set, most anyone can find a volunteer niche. Listed below are current volunteer needs. Candidates interested in pursuing one or more volunteer opportunities with EVRJP can complete and submit a Program Volunteer Application.

Community Members:  Many of our processes require that community members be present. Community members participating in Community Group Conferences participate in 1 meeting only, lasting 1-3 hours. Community members are also needed in Community Circles and Student Support and Accountability Circles. Both of these programs require attendance at weekly 1-hour meetings that meet from 6-12 months. No special training is required to participate. Community members who work long-term with juveniles will be required to submit to a criminal background check.

Community Group Conference Facilitators:  These volunteers are required to go through an initial 16 hour training (offered twice a year) to learn how to facilitate the Community Group Conference process. Once training and evaluations are completed, a mentoring process is followed to assist new facilitators in developing the needed experience in facilitating. Monthly team meetings are held to educate and build skills. All facilitators must submit to a criminal background check.

Circle Keeper:  EVRJP has two different circle processes that work with two different populations. One is Student Support and Accountability Circles for at-risk middle and high school students (done in cooperation with the Park R-3 School District). The other process is Community Circles. Those returning from prison and looking to re-enter the community are the primary focus of this process. Circle Keepers are encouraged, but not required to go through Community Group Conference facilitator training. However, completion of training (3 hours) is required along with submission to a criminal background check. These trainings are offered as needed.

Girls Circle or Boys Council Facilitator:  EVRJP, in cooperation with the Park R-3 offers this proactive program to elementary, middle and high school students. A special training provided by One Circle Foundation is required for at least one of the two circle keepers who facilitate the process. Criminal background checks are required. Check with staff regarding timing and volunteer need.

Restorative Community Mediation Mediators:  Those who volunteer as a mediator must possess a minimum 40 hours of certified mediation training. Because of expense of this training, EVRJP will only periodically offer this training. Those who possess the proper certification will be considered following the required criminal background check.

Other Opportunities:  EVRJP is a partnership between the Estes Park Police Department and a 501c3 board. As a result we have 3 fundraisers a year. Volunteer assistance is always appreciated when planning and executing these events. No special training is required.   

Complete a Program Volunteer Application or contact EVRJP to request additional information.

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