Moraine Avenue Bridge Upgrades

Feb. 21, 2018

Today the Town held a meeting for property owners and tenants in the vicinity of the Elkhorn Avenue closure and utility upgrades expected to occur April 8-30, 2018. View the presentation. Map of closure area and pedestrian detours.

Feb. 16, 2018

The level pad, for which the floor of the box culvert will be set upon, is now complete. The wall forms have been erected on both sides with additional height being added to the forms at a later date. Rebar is currently being placed on the floor slab as seen in the photo below. The week of February 19, the construction contractor will begin pouring the flood slab of the box culvert and will then set the rebar on the side walls.

Feb. 13, 2018

A banner has now been hung at the northwest corner of the US 34 / US 36 intersection indicating that businesses are open during construction. The contractors on the project are making significant progress. One of the form walls has already been erected!

Feb. 9, 2018

This week the Xcel gas main and the Town water main were installed across the river, under the new bridge structure. The contractor is completing final grading and preparation of the excavation area for the bridge structure/box culvert. Next, it will be pouring a concrete leveling pad in the excavation area, which will provide a hard, dry and level foundation for the box structure. Following installation of the leveling pad, the contractor will form and install reinforcing steel for the box structure floor system.

This week the project team met with the subcontractor that will complete the utilities work in the Elkhorn/Moraine intersection scheduled for April. It was determined that this work, including the closure of the intersection, will tentatively begin the evening of April 8 an continue until April 30, weather permitting. If at all possible, the work will be completed sooner and the road reopened before April 30. 

Feb. 2, 2018

This week, work continued on the bedrock removal and excavation for the bridge structure's floor system and utilities. The floor system for the new structure will be approximately one foot lower than the previous structure. Utilities, including water and gas main lines are scheduled for installation under the structure. Blasting was utilized for the necessary bedrock removal. The contractor continues removal of the blasting debris and works to prepare the sub-grade for utilities and the new structure. With the excavation area being below the natrual stream's channel bottom, around-the-clock de-watering with multiple pump systems is required. During the de-watering, turbid water is pumped through bag filters to help remove sediment. Periodic water sampling is performed to ensure water quality is maintained.

Once the contractor has installed the water and gas mains they will begin construction of the box culvert (bridge) floor. This work is scheduled to begin next week.

Detour and parking map (detour applies for the project duration except during the April closure at the Elkhorn Avenue intersection with Moraine Avenue):Parking -Detour Map.jpg