Messages from the Town Administrator

Each month, Estes Park Town Administrator Frank Lancaster discusses projects and issues affecting the Estes Park community in columns published in local newspapers. An archive of these columns is located below.  For more information, please contact the Town of Estes Park's Public Information Office at 970-577-3701.

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DATE                        TITLE
February 24, 2017 A look at the Colorado Open Records Act
January 24, 2017 The Town's agenda for 2017
December 20, 2016 2016: A Year in Review
November 30, 2016 Centennial -- Celebrate the Vision
October 28, 2016 Event Center sees strong growth in use, adds to Estes Park's year-round amenities
September 27, 2016 Seniors are vital to the community
August 26, 2016 Accessory Dwelling Unit regulations
July 29, 2016 It's not my job -- really!
June 21, 2016 Town projects update
May 24, 2016 Strategic Planning for Town government
April 29, 2016 "Just get a grant." The ins and outs of grant funding
March 25, 2016 Taking action on attainable housing
Feb. 26, 2016 Taking a holistic approach to your Town budget
Jan. 29, 2016 Behind the scenes of the broadband initiative
Dec. 21, 2015 Estes Park on the World Stage
Nov. 25, 2015 Straightening the pipes: Effective and efficient Town government with less red tape
Oct. 30, 2015 The Tough Job of being Mayor
Sept. 25, 2015 A government of, by, and for the people
August 28, 2015 Floodplain Management - what you should know
July 31, 2015 What creates a healthy economy?
June 26, 2015 So, what is a Town Administrator anyway?
May 22, 2015 Disasters are not procrastination-friendly
April 20, 2015 Sales tax ballot issue 1A - your dollars at work one year later
March 24, 2015 Have you joined the conversation on the Downtown Estes Loop?
Feb. 24, 2015 Civility Matters. Civility Works
Jan. 20, 2015 Revisiting the origins of the Downtown Estes Loop project