Livestock Exhibitor Registration

The Estes Park Wool Market is home to over eight livestock shows throughout the two day festival. Guests have an opportunity to enter in one or all of the shows to compete for the Grand Championship title.

Below is a complete listing of each livestock show that we offer. Please note that registration will open on Monday, March 7th at 8 a.m. Registration will remain open till May 23, 2016.

  1. Click on Information to view details about each show to include judge info, classes, premium amounts, etc
  2. Click on Registration to enter into the specific livestock show
    • Print, complete and return the form to the indicated address on the form; via email or by mail
    • Different rates apply for each show
  3. If you need assistance please contact the Estes Park Wool Market staff at 970-586-6104

Livestock Show Information and Registration

2016 Alpaca Demos, Sales & Exhibits Information 2016 Alpaca Show Registration
2016 Alpaca Performance Show Information 2016 Alpaca Show Registration


2016 Anogora Goat Show Information 2016 Angora Goat Show Registration
2016 Cashmere Goat Show Information 2016 Cashmere Goat Show Registration


2016 Llama Show Information 2016 Llama Show Registration


2016 Paco Vicuna Show Information & Registration


2016 Angora Rabbit Show Information 2016 Angora Rabbit Show Registration


2016 Sheep Show Information 2016 Sheep Show Registration
2016 Fine Fleece Shetland Show  
2016 Sheep Lead Contest 2016 Sheep Lead Contest Registration