For new construction, a representative from Light & Power will meet with the developer/general contractor and discuss the requirements. 

  1. The developer/general contractor will show the Light & Power representative the development plans and point out the area they require electrical work. If there is no right-of-way (ROW) or existing easement, the developer/general contractor has to obtain it.
  2. The developer/general contractor has to have the work area staked by their surveyor. If the work area is on the neighboring property and within an easement, the surveyor is expected to contact the property owner before entering their land to stake the easement.
  3. Light & Power construction is performed within the staked footprint. 
  4. Restoration of the land is the responsibility of the developer/general contractor.



To initiate service for new construction, please submit this form, or contact Sarah Clark, Administrative Assistant, at 970-577-3627 or Someone from Light & Power will be in touch with you soon.

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