Flood Recovery

Fish Creek Corridor Repair

Estes Park Light and Power has been coordinating with Larimer County and SEMA Construction in the ongoing repairs and upgrades to Fish Creek Road following the 2013 flood. Please check the Fish Creek Corridor Repair website for current project updates. 

Most recently Light & Power crews moved  several power poles to allow for road realignment near the junction with Little Valley Road.

Electric crew working 

Temporary Line Removal

The Light and Power crew removed the temporary power line placed across Triangle Mountain on Nov. 28. The temporary line was installed by helicopter shortly after the 2013 flood, and has served approximately 400 customers in The Retreat and along County Road 43 for the past three years. In concert with the reconstruction of County Road 43 from Drake to Glen Haven, the permanent electric line along this road was redesigned to be a more resilient underground line. This was possible due to cost-sharing with Platte River Power Authority and its new, underground fiber optics conduit. This work was recently completed allowing Light & Power to transfer electric service from the Triangle Mountain temporary line to the new permanent line, marking a significant milestone in flood recovery for the Glen Haven area. Light & Power removed 4,400 feet of temporary electric line from Triangle Mountain in one day, filling three 4-foot diameter spools.