Current Facilities Projects

Projects Completed

Town Hall 2nd Floor Window Replacement - The Town Hall 2nd Floor Window Replacement is now complete with the only remaining work focusing on the overall finish.

Projects In Progress

2019 Roof Restorations - These two projects were recently released for bid, with all being due Apr. 25. The Town has awarded the project to C&M Services. A Notice to Proceed has been issued and the project is under way with completion at the end of August. The first roofing project to occur will be the Streets/Fleet Shop roof with Town Hall to follow. This will be a restoration project for several sections of each roof. Both roofs are in need of some work to extend their useful life.

2019 Facilities Master Plan - A Request for Proposal (RFP) was published with proposals being due June 20. Three proposals were received and have been reviewed. Interviews will take place mid-August. The goal of the Facilities Master Plan is to evaluate how we are currently using our existing work space. This project begins the process for long-range planning for our facility needs.

Town Board Room A/V and Electrical Upgrades - In the coming weeks, a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be published for A/V and electrical upgrades for the Town Board Room. This project will replace all of the audio and video recording systems that record and broadcast our Town Board meetings. We also hope to repair/replace some of the under-slab electrical that has failed from repeated flooding of the conduits. This will be a major improvement of our aged equipment in this room. Intermittent failures have indicated that the remaining life of our existing equipment is short.